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There are plenty of opportunities for all ages and abilities to play in leagues and competitions in Staffordshire. Whether it’s playing in your local club league, in LTA competitions or even representing the county, Staffordshire has it all!

You can play league tennis across the UK. Here’s how:

Join an LTA league and play via or your local club will enter multiple teams into various leagues covering the local area and beyond.

Staffordshire has several club leagues to get involved with. Just get in touch with your club, join their teams and you’ll be playing clubs from all over the county. To see more information of the Staffordshire Club Leagues please click on the links below:

Staffordshire Inter-Club Tennis League

The City & Suburban Tennis League

Burton & District Inter Club Tennis League

LTA Competitions

Games, sets and lots of matches. There are hundreds of juniors, adult, and senior competitions across the UK every week. If you love to compete or looking to step up to the next level speak to your coach or other club members about the many opportunities to compete in tennis across Staffordshire and the country!

Login or Sign up to the LTA and receive World Tennis Number (WTN) and start competing

Simply click on your age group and find the tournament you want compete in and enter online via the LTA website

You’ll need to join the free LTA Advantage scheme so you can track your scores and rankings, but it only takes a few moments and then you’ll have membership for life.

LTA Youth Compete

Whatever time of year it is there are junior tennis competitions taking place across the UK for children of all ages and abilities. The LTA has three main focuses for helping you make the most out of competing in junior tennis:

  1. Team challenge – a great way to introduce kids to tennis competitions at their local clubs; fun, friendly, and no serious scoring with the benefits of team socialising
  2. Matchplay – perfect for your first individual competition, or getting some extra match practice in
  3. Local Tour – the quick-scoring junior tennis tournament

Whatever your level, we’re here to help you start competing in junior tennis tournaments at your own pace. Click here for more information 

County championships

Do you want to play in the biggest competition in the county? The county championships are held at the end of every August. This years championships is open for entries between 6th July – 7th August! Click here to enter

The County Championships are for everyone. Under 8s to Over 65s. From the best players to those just starting out. Don’t think you aren’t good enough to play in this tournament! Enter and for starters have some fun.

Check out last year’s results

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