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Protection for all. The County Safeguarding Officer is responsible for assisting the LTA Safeguarding Team. Together, they promote and embed a culture of safeguarding, diversity, and inclusion in Staffordshire. The Safeguarding Officer assists in supporting registered venues to put in place procedures which safeguard children (under 18) and adults, as well as communicate with venue Welfare Officers at registered events.

For more information visit or contact our Staffordshire County Safeguarding Officer Graham Cole via

To report a safeguarding concern please use the form at this link. If you have a general safeguarding query, or would like advice about safeguarding, please contact the LTA by email

The LTA Safeguarding 2021-23 Safeguarding Strategy is available to download here: clicking here.

Staffordshire LTA’s policies on safeguarding are available here.

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