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Courts across the County.

Tennis isn’t just about two weeks at Wimbledon. It’s a year-round activity, and this page will help direct you to all things tennis. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Ok, so you want to play but are wondering where to start? Contact us for a chat through your situation and we can guide you! Why not visit the LTA for a guide on how to start playing?

There are park courts, private members club courts, school courts, indoor courts to book. Visit to find your nearest or contact us.


Staffordshire is blessed with member clubs in all areas and joining couldn’t be easier. To find a club near you, get in touch, or have a look at the interactive map on our clubs page.

Find a club


You can play league tennis across the UK. Here’s how: Join a LTA league and play via or your local club will enter multiple teams into various leagues covering the local area and beyond.


Games, sets and lots of matches. There are hundreds of junior, adult, and senior competitions across the UK every week. If you love to compete or you looking to step up to the next level speak to your coach or other club members about the many opportunities to compete in tennis across Staffordshire and the country!

You’ll need to join the free LTA Advantage scheme so you can track your scores and rankings, but it only takes a few moments and then you’ll have membership for life.


Finding the right coach is important. A good starting point is Most members clubs have a coach, while some of the larger clubs have coaching teams with specialisms in junior and performance activity. Look out for coaches with the relevant LTA Coaching Awards, safeguarding certification, and insurance.

Ladies only tennis

Want to play with other women and girls? There are multiple opportunities across Staffordshire. Just visit for detailed information on where you can play.

Children and youth tennis

Starting out. You are never too young to start playing tennis. Visit to find opportunities for your children or contact us.

Competitions. If you are a parent and want your child to compete there are lots of organised opportunities based upon their age and ability, just visit

Inclusive and disability tennis

Tennis is for everyone. It provides benefits both on and off the court and there is a wide programme of inclusive activities, for more information just visit:

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